How to make Chemmeen Biriyani / Konju Biriyani / Shrimp Biriyani / Prawns Dum Biriyani | Malayalam Cooking Video Recipe

A very special Prawns Dum Biriyani from Tasty Kerala Kitchen. With clear instructions and detailed steps with accurate ingredients, this shrimp cooking video will guide you to cook tasty prawns biriyani with ease. Once you taste this yummy preparation of shrimp biriyani, it will surely make you want for more. Prawns/Shrimp is easily available across Kerala as we have a very long coastline and plenty of backwaters with rich supply of seafood varieties. Thalassery Prawns Dum Biriyani is a very famous authentic seafood dish from Kerala. Our Shrimp biriyani recipe is a bit different from the northern Kerala style, but still a tasty version.