Nimbu Ka Khatta Meetha Achar Recipe by Tasty Kerala is the best pickle recipe without using any pickle powder. In Kerala, we call it Hot and Sweet Lemon Dates Pickle. Savor it with any Biriyani and we will never want another side dish. The perfect blend of spicy and sweet taste makes this the best homemade lime pickle for everyone.

The sweet lemon pickle is the best combination with any Biriyani. The “naranga achar” becomes hot & sweet when we add dates and also a bit of sugar. In north India, popularly known as the nimbu ka khatta meetha achar. In Tamilnadu, as Elumichai Oorugai.

Nimbu ka Achar

About the Preparation

The main ingredients of this pickle recipe other than lemon and dates are sesame oil, chilly powder, asafoetida powder, fenugreek powder, salt, sugar, and vinegar. Also, we use garlic, green chilly, and mustard seeds.

We have used top-quality lemon from our home garden for this video. Nothing can replace the locally grown fresh lemons. Natural vinegar ensures proper preservation without any synthetic materials. We have used natural vinegar called “chorukka” in some parts of Kerala. It is made out of Toddy using traditional methods.

This lemon pickle can be preserved for years as we have also done searing properly. As shown in the video, we have used Sesame oil for searing. Another alternative was to steam the lemons in an idly maker to cook them before slicing. But it could have added water presence, making it hard to store for long.

In the end, we have also added sugar to balance out the sour and sweet taste. A better method could have been to use more dates instead of sugar to increase the sweetness.

Watch the sweet lime pickle video recipe with English subtitles turned ON if you don’t understand Malayalam. Do share your valuable comments after trying out this mouth-watering recipe.

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